Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 5: I'm too tired to come up with a cute quote:)

I purposely did not exercise today-yesterday and today I have been flat out exhausted (not eating too much crap lazy and no energy, but legitimately exhausted) and after discussing it with my hubs, we decided it was most likely due to a lot of exercise and not enough calories.  So he wanted me to take a rest day and eat as close to my full allotment of calories as I could eating high quality calories.  I think I did pretty good, and I do feel much less fatigued this evening.  Also-check out that skinny cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks!  Only 130 cals and tastes just like a fully leaded latte.  It was fabulous!!!  Looking forward to a big exercise day tomorrow.

Kraft - Per Label - Philadelphia - Fat Free Cream Cheese, 2 Tbsp (3g)30204Ico_delete
Thomas' - Bagel Thins 100% Whole Wheat, 1 bagel1102416Ico_delete
Nestle Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer - Italian Sweet Cream, 1 Tbsp35520Ico_delete
Truvia - Nature's Calorie Free Sweetener, 1 packet0300Ico_delete
Tully's - Drip Coffee-Italian Roast, 1 cup brewed5100Ico_delete
Add Food | Remember Meal18035310
Sargento Reduced Fat Cheese - Colby-Jack Thin Slice, 1 slice50045Ico_delete
Kroger Bread - 100% Whole White Wheat, 2 Slice1803028Ico_delete
Hillshire Farm Deli Select - Roast Beef - Thin Sliced, 7 slices (58 g)601111Ico_delete
Kraft - Miracle Whip (Light), 0.5 tbsp (16g)10110Ico_delete
Pink Lady - Apple , 1/2 apple - 3 oz.401100Ico_delete
Add Food | Remember Meal34043824
Beef - Steak - Top Sirloin Lean Only 1/8" Trim Broiled, 4.5 oz.2280838Ico_delete
Mission Tortillas Plus! - 96% Fat Free Whole Wheat Tortilla, 2 Tortilla2605048Ico_delete
Raw - Green Onion, 1/8 cup5100Ico_delete
Sargento - 4 Cheese Mexican - Reduced Fat, 1/4 cup80167Ico_delete
Onion, Sauteed, 0.5 cup cooked58451Ico_delete
Bell Pepper - Red, 0.5 medium15401Ico_delete
Mushrooms - Bella Mushroom (Crimini), 2.5 oz18102Ico_delete
Add Food | Remember Meal664612357
Starbucks - Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, 1 grande cup13019012Ico_delete
Add Food | Remember Meal13019012
Your Daily Goal1,5302105157


Brittney said...

great job :) mmmm. latte sounds awesome right now!

Christy said...

good job! I love love love love the skinny cinammon dolce fav :-)